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Release Notes 3.15

New Features

Portable Transfer Improvements

Several enhancements have been added to optimize data transfers from portable barcode scanners. These include:

  • Optional rules for processing barcodes, including:

    • Removing or adding prefixes or suffixes

    • Replacement of unwanted characters

    • Limit barcode length

  • Performance and logging improvements

  • Options for preview and analysis of files before transfer

  • Email notification and summary of completed transfers

  • Ignore the transfer of items that have been deleted

Circulation History

This new version of Gimmal Physical has added options to manually log and audit additional steps in the process of routing a transferred item to or from its final destination. When enabled, this new record consists of a user updated entry appended to the transfer which is then stamped with key details. These entries are included in the item history for auditing purposes.

Synonym Searching Options*

This feature is useful for finding key pieces of data that have alternate designations. For example, you may have problems finding a product known by multiple names in different regions or if you have a locality name that is often shortened or abbreviated. Synonyms help resolve this issue by returning each of the variants when searching for one. The list of alternative terms is designated and controlled by your team as either a separate tab or a list of values.

Pattern Sequences*

This new option automatically creates a field for a newly created item based on the values of other fields and a pre-defined sequence. For example, you can use this new Pattern Sequence to create a box name that includes an organization code and a sequential number. It even allows you to have a separate sequence for different organizations.

Many to Many Controls Enhancements*

Features have been added to extend functionality to ‘Many to Many’ controls which were previously unavailable. The ‘Many to Many’ controls allow users to select and modify data where fields have a many-to-many relationship. Examples include assigning multiple boxes to multiple organizations (also users or departments from either the boxes or organizations tab.

  • Add Carryforward Options
    This functionality extends to the many to many controls the ability to use fields in a selected record as the basis for the default values in any new record subsequently created.

  • Mirrored Searches
    This enhancement allows the searching of records from either tab (e.g. boxes or organizations) that contains the relationship for the many to many control.

  • Mirrored View, Add, Update, and Remove functionality
    From either tab in a many to many control relationship, and with the correct permissions, users can now perform any CRUD operation from either tab linking the records.

  • Export Many to Many fields controls
    Values stored in many to many relationships can now be exported in a format that matches the import options.

Actual Destruction Date Improvements

Multiple enhancements have been added to expand the functionality of Actual Destruction Dates. This date will now appear on the Certificate of Destruction, and user-entered Actual Destruction is supported with several options to address the most common use cases.

Choice for Scheduled Destruction Date Processing*

Administrators now have the option to calculate disposition dates dynamically or as a nightly job service. If enabled, this option can prevent timeouts when processing large sets of data.

UI Improvements*

  • Reorganize Admin Page
    The administration page has been reorganized into logical groups to make finding options more efficient.

  • Session Clock
    An option is now available that allows users to see how much time is left before their current session expires.

  • Concatenated Text Box*
    This feature was added to make it easier to view and search fields where multiple values can be selected.

  • New Cart Options
    The ‘Add to Cart’ feature has been expanded by allowing users to add an entire set of results to the cart rather than needing to go page by page.

  • Additional Action Button Options
    Users can now leverage the ‘Configure Action Toolbar’ to hide action buttons or change most action button captions.

Background Jobs Table Management

An option has been added to the Application Settings to regulate the number of days entries are kept in the Background Jobs history table. The default is now 30 days, but this can be adjusted or disabled. Clearing out the background jobs history table on a regular basis will help to improve performance for actions that take place as part of a background service.

Bug Fixes





Date format issue on Export (00019612)


Iron Mountain Box Request Pickup issue(00019723)


Iron Mountain multiple request headers (00020049)


Errors updating electronic documents (00020206)


Error in conditional field display with removed value (00019973)


Records Schedule Organizational Control not using carry over values (00020377)


Issue when disposition items not referencing records table (00020483)


SQL Timeout issues with Billing (00020785)


Invalid box size constraint (00020897)


Carryover value not used for Organizational Control on Record Schedule (00020377)


Addressed an issue with extra columns in Space Management


Application Log load errors with certain configurations


Bulk update issue when changing Laserfiche folder


Invalid headers showing for non-licensed component


Installer validation issues


Missing confirmation page for Iron Mountain

General Availability

April 29th 2024


This document refers to a version currently under development. Details will change as more information becomes available.

*Enabling certain features may require advanced configuration in conjunction with fee-based professional services.

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