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Release Notes 3.14

New Features

Disposition Enhancements

  • Retention Schedule Scope
    Administrators can now configure the scope of a retention schedule to limit or expand access based on the chosen hierarchical organizational level.

Additional Actions

  • Permanent Withdrawal
    New options for Permanent Withdrawal and Permanent Withdrawal and Delete have been added to the Alternate Fulfilment Method to allow items to be permanently moved (i.e. deaccessioned) outside the system of record.

  • Bulk Create
    This feature assists in the creation of multiple records at once by maintaining identical default details over a configurable number of new records while giving each a new barcode.

  • Box Lockdown
    An optional setting has been added which allows boxes to be locked down when transferred to a hub location. This helps to prevent unwanted changes to an item when it is in a location that is designated as a hub.

Billing Improvements

A number of options have been added to better support organizations who charge for storage.

  • Hierarchical Billing
    For customers who have multi-level organizations, charges can now be aggregated in various levels of the hierarchy, allowing you to pinpoint the level of the organization who should be billed.

  • Assessment of Storage Charges
    This option gives administrators more control over billing by offering a choice to track items stored in hub locations on a daily or monthly cadence. This adds precision to analyzing, invoicing and reporting of charges.

Search Options

  • Find Empty Containers
    Options have been added to the Advanced Query screen for container items (e.g. boxes, shelves) which allow users to query for empty items. This includes those that have no associated content, those with checked out associated content, and those with deleted associated content.

User Interface Updates

  • Updated Help Link
    Continually updated online documentation and guides found at can now be directly accessed from the application Help button, replacing the static context-specific help.

    Administrators can now directly link their own documentation via the Admin Settings page.

  • Increase Records per Page Limit
    New preference options (200, 500) have been added to the Records per Page limit.

  • Improved Validation for Range Fields
    To assist with reducing data entry errors, additional checks have been added to range fields to make sure the values entered do not violate range field constraints.

  • Refresh Branding
    The color scheme and logos have been refreshed to reflect updated Gimmal branding.

Bug Fixes




Request comments don't handle special characters


Date calculations do not account for deleted files


Add option to avoid Auto SDD file updates issues with certain scenarios (00017425)


Updates to list values not captured fully in Application History (00016656)


Error searching home page grid with no valid data


Caching issues with services (00019295)


Issues with views when organization is not selected (00019120 & 0019122)


Improper restriction of excessive authentication attempts


Logic Error in creation of home page grid view (00018662)


General Record Schedules not showing without User rights to organization (00019672)


Error trying to submit filter requests to Iron Mountain (00019715)

Known Issues




‘Bulk Create' missing from 'Choose Action’ list in Notification event.

General Availability

December 11th 2023

Note: This document refers to a version that is in progress. Features, bug fixes, known issues and other details are subject to change.

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