New Features

Filter Dispositions by Location

This optional feature allows retention batches to be further filtered by location to help make the disposition process more flexible.

Validate and Restrain Date Fields on Import

This optional feature, set at configuration time validates dates against a set of rules for both the UI and Import:

  • ‘Date To’ so it cannot be a future date

  • ‘Cut-off date’ cannot be less than ‘Date To’

  • ‘Date From’ cannot have a value higher than 'Date To.

Import into Many to Many Control

 This feature allows users to leverage the quick description to import data into tables where fields have a many-to-many relationship. This expands the importing process to include multiple boxes to organizations, users, departments and more.

Calculate Box Scheduled Destruction Date for Files with Empty Dates

This feature will handle the recalculation of Scheduled Destruction Dates for boxes by setting the box destruction date to remain empty if any file within the box does not have a destruction date. This will work when files are added, updated or removed from a box.

Bug Fixes




Importing items removes non-English characters in certain conditions


Importing not properly reading file encoding type


Accession Date update with create at Home Location not working as expected

Known Issues



General Availability

Pending for June 2023

Please note: These release notes reflect a version currently under development and is subject to change.