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Release Notes 3.13

New Features

Access Unify Integration

Gimmal Physical now supports automated integration with Access Total Recall system via the Access Unify APIs. This feature will allow customers to use a single system, Gimmal Physical, to request boxes for transfer, delivery or refile stored in an Access warehouse.

Gimmal Records Connector

Gimmal Physical can now interact directly with Gimmal’s popular electronic record management system, Gimmal Records. This feature allows record schedules from Gimmal Records to be automatically populated in Gimmal Physical with the click of a single button. It is the start of a seamless integration between the two products.

Record Schedule option: ‘Days’

To complement the existing time-based values, new record schedules can now be created using days as a value to calculate scheduled destruction date.

Nightly Report Enhancements

This version improves the ability to schedule reports during off hours, email them to designated users and filter report result sets. It also allows for larger datasets while simplifying deployment and maintenance.

Background Improvements

A number of behind-the-scenes changes are included in this release which are designed to streamline the setup and performance of Gimmal Physical. Although these changes will be mostly transparent to an admin or end-user, these changes improve the stability and performance of the product. Updates include a new installer, reusable data entry pages, a new background service, new index methodology, improved logging and more.


Bug Fixes




Issue changing password in reset password page with user generated barcodes


Bulk Delete and Bulk Undelete issues with larger (>2000) datasets

Known Issues



Upgrades to Gimmal Physical 3.13 must be done from Gimmal Physical version 3.12


Excel Reports will not download (on-prem)


Activity Summary cannot export to Excel


Nightly reports are in UTC, but reports are in local time


Automated import removes some standard non-English characters


Importing not properly reading file encoding type

General Availability


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