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Release Notes 3.12

New Features

Ability to relate Record Series to many Organizations

When creating or updating Record Series records an association can be made whereby the Record Series is related to many Organizations. 

Request functionality enhancement providing the ability to create and request the contents of a container  

When performing a request, the user now has the option to create and request contents of the record instead of the record itself. 

Report enhancements

Hierarchical location information added to Picklist and Refile reports. 

Improved style sheets for Largelist control  

Updated cascading style sheets data display in the large list control for a more elegant presentation. 

Improved auto-calculation of container Scheduled Disposition Date

Updated logic provides for the setting of the Scheduled Disposition Date on containers based on the contents.  

Search page enhancement when conditional fields are present

Fields that are hidden due to conditional field display are now hidden on the Detailed Search page until a selection is made from the list that controls conditional field display. 

Single Sign On configuration enhancement

Logic added to the user interface that allows clients to specify what fields of information will be inherited from the sign on authority. 

Improve tracking history for large data sets

Logic added to streamline the tracking of multiple items in many to many controls which point to other tabs.  

Bug Fixes




Current and Home location fields were added to the list of available fields in the Duplicate Search page.


Right was added so that Portable Reconcile and Portable Transfer are using the same security right.


Printing the results of a Global Search will now result in the same values being returned as are present in the gird.


Advanced query descriptions issue was fixed where an error could be thrown if the underlying list value or tab value had been deleted.


Cascade updates now update entire query instead of using preference maximum row count.


Hiding a tab in the application when it is related to a tab on which disposition can be run will no longer throw a null reference error.


Fixed issue in Expunging Supply Item Requests.


Issue addressed where calendar controls for secured date fields were visible on data entry pages.


Fixed the issue with setting default values for Current or Home locations on the create page on a tab.


Fixed issue where history record was not written when the values being updated were greater than 4000 characters in length.


Spurious error message related to Organization no longer logged when attempting to login using single sign on authentication.


Organizational security now applied to the Organizational reports.


Request Fulfillment page updated to prevent history from being written multiple times when requests are fulfilled.


Right added control the deletion of system access records. Deleting system access records now captured in application history.


Issue fixed where imports were not recording location changes when they were accomplished via an update import.


Requests to post files to the Iron Mountain ftp site are now done in the same separate thread thus preventing deletion of files prior to them being posted.


Issue addressed where Organizations that contain invalid characters if used in a file name will not cause an issue when generating invoices.


Removed label that contained incorrect information on the Location Popup control.  A location needs to be selected - a barcode cannot be entered in this control.


Spelling fixed in application setting for Import and Report file extensions.


Code updated to account for Event based changes to Records Schedules so that associated items are updated when Event is updated.


Stale page Resource File Editor removed to prevent cross site scripting vulnerability.


Simplify license features in UI.

General Availability


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