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Release Notes 3.11

New Features

Legal Application Support

The configuration tool now fully supports the creation of a Legal application with default tabs for Client, Matter, Practice Codes, and Offices.

After Hour Record and Index Processing

Application setting added whereby full text tables can be upd ated and index maintenance applied in off hours.

Column Freezing for Home Page Grid

The first two columns in the home page grid are set to be “sticky” – allowing the user to scroll to the right and still select the record.

Event Based Retention Schedules

List management setting added that allows users to add month/day values for event codes.

Support for Large Digital Files

Cloud customers now have an application setting added for the ability to store temporary files in an alternate folder location. Adds support for uploading larger digital content files (>200-250MB).

Bug Fixes




Fixed import log pagination issue.


Log file now uses UTC time to store event date and is displayed correctly based on location of user.


Resolved the clear row issue with Advanced Query


Fixed issue with Export tool tip not showing correctly

General Availability


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