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Release Notes 3.10

New Features

Iron Mountain integration

Iron Mountain integration is now fully supported. Previously, the integration was custom work for each implementation. Gimmal Physical allows requests, transfer, and returns of boxes stored in Iron Mountain.

Laserfiche integration uses SDK 10

Gimmal Physical now supports version 10 of the Laserfiche SDK. Previously (the Infolinx releases) only supported version 9. In addition, the configuration page for Laserfiche was updated so that it is more intuitive and shared fields are displayed with the correct caption.

Permanent retention schedule

The ability to create schedules that are permanent, which prevents related items from getting a scheduled destruction date.

History presentation

The presentation of tab history was updated. A new column was added that details updated from and to column data in a more user-friendly fashion. History exports and reports now also respect any sorting that was performed on the page.

Space Management calculations on home or current location

A parameter has been added to application configuration page that allows space management to be calculated on either home or current location.

Command timeout

The database command timeout is now exposed on the application settings page.


  • Reports are generated out of process in either a separate thread in IIS or in Hangfire.

  • Improve search performance on the home page grid, global search, and quick search.

Bug Fixes





Web Application

System date fields are displayed correctly in the tooltip in the home page grid.



Shared multiline fields no longer cause an issue when creating linked records. Records can be declared in the root folder without issue.


Web Application

Can no longer go to the undelete page for records that are not deleted.


Web Application

Logical parent labels will no longer be shown if the field is not visible.



Username as a property in profile objects will no longer cause an error. Proper parsing of the value has been added.


Web Application

Field search now correctly searches related parent fields.


Web Application

User default values now used for resource entries, and no longer writing them to log.


Web Application

Time display is now correct on import log page.


Web Application

Hidden fields are no longer displayed in global search.


Web Application

Non-numeric shelf size or capacity in space management are no longer allowed.


Web Application

Undeleted option is no longer available for records not deleted.


Web Application

Users are no longer able to create records on a record schedule if they don’t have appropriate permissions.


Web Application

Button color has been corrected on drop zone for digital content management.


Web Application

Fixed issue where the Last Modified Date of a Box gets set to the exact Date/Time of the Disposition Approval action if a singular Update is used but does not get set correctly during a Bulk update on the Disposition Approval.


Web Application

Update modify date when multi-select value is changed.


Rest Services

Resolved SSO not working due to time zone differences.


Web Application

Resolved the wrong time displayed for hover text for datetime fields.

Known Issues




Reports cannot be run from the dashboard. Workaround is to run reports from the reports page instead of the dashboard.


Advanced Query Clear Row button does not clear the selected row.

General Availability


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