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Release Notes Version 5.6

New Features/Changes

The following features/changes have been made to Document Management for SAP Solutions for this release.


  • Enhanced Auto.index with a "Custom" Indexer Mode that does not require an object link to be found in order to proceed with the configured Index Actions.
  • Special Characters ~ & { } # % can be used in file names on O365 without being altered by DM for SAP Solutions

Document Service Modules Expression Language

  • Added the following DSM EvaluatorExpression options: Length, IndexOf, LastIndexOf, RemoveLeftOfString, RemoveRightOfString
  • Configurable option to turn off Scan.Link Query Optimizations added in v5.5.

Known Issues

The following known issues have been discovered and not fixed in Document Management for SAP Solutions for this release:

Document Manager     

  • "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" message may occur on the iNetDM web page when there is no configuration set in the configuration service.

Auto.Index (Document Service Modules)

  • Counter is an invalid attribute type for auto.index.
  • Document routing with DTS not working when routing to a SharePoint subsite.      
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