The Document Management for SAP Solutions (ERP-Link) is a leading provider of SAP-Microsoft interoperability solutions that enable Microsoft SharePoint as the records management/enterprise content management/document management (RM/ECM/DM) system for SAP customers. The suite includes the following components:

Document Manager

The SAP-certified ERP-Link Document Manager platform creates transparency between SAP and Microsoft SharePoint so that businesses are free to define the way they want to work—inside SAP, inside SharePoint, or both—which lets businesses run better. It can leverage Archive Link, Generic Object Services (GOS), Document Management Service (DMS), or Business Document Service (BDS) to allow for archival and retrieval of content directly from the SAP interface.

Configuration Service

The Configuration Service provides a centralized location for the management of ERP-Link settings. The Configuration Service is deployed as an application during the ERP-Link installation, and it enables you to configure settings for all ERP-Link operations from within the ERP-Link Administration Console.

Document Service Modules

The Document Service Modules add functionality to the Document Manager platform for archiving documents against SAP business objects. They enable integration between SAP business object instances and documents archived in SharePoint. Document Service Modules process documents stored in an SAP content repository, implemented in SharePoint by Document Manager. Specifically, the Document Service Modules perform the following functions:

  • Auto.index extracts metadata from SAP for the business object that the document is attached to and adds the metadata to the SharePoint fields for the document. It can also move documents to various SharePoint locations based on metadata value-driven routing rules
  • Auto.index Update is a notification system for Auto.index that SAP can invoke to implement changes on SAP objects to the SharePoint documents that are linked to them. This capability allows automatic synchronization of metadata as data associated with business object changes.
  • invokes appropriate SAP actions when a document is dropped and/or indexed in a pre-configured SharePoint document library. SAP actions available include the following:
    • Linking documents to SAP business objects, using the object IDs or bar codes
    • Invoking and linking documents to an SAP workflow
    • Interacting with remote SAP function modules

Connector Service

The Connector Service enables inbound communications from applications written for the .NET platform to communicate with Advanced Business Application Programs (ABAPs). All communications between SAP and any .NET applications are managed by the Connector Service.

Document Tracking Service

The Document Tracking Service tracks the location of a document throughout the document lifecycle. The service supports data management in on-premise and cloud-based storage models.