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What's New

Version 4.5

Version 4.5 of Discovery Attender is a maintenance release which focuses on performance and stability improvements

Updated Database Format

Discovery Attender uses file based databases for portability and ease of use.  Starting with this version, all new searches will use an updated database format (.accdb) that should provide stability and performance improvements.   Users will be given the option to upgrade the databases for existing (pre 4.5) projects from the older format to the newer ones.   

Please note:  The conversion feature is for 64-bit versions of Discovery Attender only.  32-bit versions of Discovery Attender are still supported, but older database formats will not be converted. 

Support for Secure Cloud

To help our customers  use targets in high security cloud environments, version 4.5 of Discovery Attender has introduced efficient configuration options to support a wider variety of secure cloud options, including GCCH.


A number of small features and bug fixes are focused on EWS connectivity improvements, reporting updates and improvements for long file support.  

Version 4.4

Version 4.4 of Discovery Attender focuses on features which enhance accessing, searching, and reporting on supported data stores.

SharePoint Rest Protocol

Version 4.4 includes a new ‘Rest’ protocol for communicating with on-premises and cloud-based SharePoint data stores.  Using ‘Rest’ eliminates the need for a separate component in your SharePoint farm.  Setup  of the application and granting of permissions is streamlined, while keeping data processing on the machine where Discovery Attender is installed.

Auto Label with Dates

Customers have been clamoring for grouping of results by dates to help with organizing and filtering data post-search.  Version 4.4 answers that request by adding a feature to create labels based on specified dates  during the search.  These groups are easily accessible in the results views.

Merge Reports from Separate Searches

Another popular request is to save records from multiple inventory lists into one file. This option allows users to select several searches and join them into one report while keeping all essential metadata intact.

Hash Validation of Export Files

The action log files will now throw a warning if the hash of a source file does not match that of the export file.   Users can optionally add more detailed entries to the log to access more granular information on these items.

Options for Recovery Items

Microsoft continually expands the role for the Recovery Items folders (formerly known as ‘The Dumpster’). As the data they hold becomes more extensive, Discovery Attender has added options to work with these folders in the Wizard screen.  Users can now ignore them, process only the Recovery Items folders, or include them with the mailbox or archive search.

Snapshot Improvements

The PreSearch Tool continues to evolve in response to user requests for more reporting and fine-tuned options.  This version adds unique item counts, individual data store details and a summary line to the reporting found in the snapshot.  Additionally filter options have been added to the deduplication and export functionality.


Other changes include:

  • Adding ‘File Properties’ to Item Details
  • Showing a PST’s password status in wizard and snapshot
  • Overhaul installer, Rebranding
  • Special handling for white space characters
  • Resolving issues for EWS account lists, PST root folder exports, keyword reports, formatting issues, temp folder cleanup and more.
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