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Release Notes

July 2023 

Version 4.5

Feature Updates

  • Updated database format to accdb (64-bit Discovery Attender Only) for all new searches
  • Option to migrated existing databases from old .mdb to new .accdb  format (64-bit Discovery Attender Only) 
  • Update file parsing components 
  • Support for GCCH Cloud using oAuth

Resolved Issues

  • Resolve multiple errors searching and exporting MSG or EML items with long file paths
  • Resolve deduplication errors with SharePoint Items
  • Resolve error with chained NEARs
  • Resolve errors with keyword reporting
  • Resolve errors with EWS address search
  • Resolve errors with dates in automatic labels
  • Resolve several issues with branch keyword reporting
  • Addressed vulnerability in PreSearch Tool for IMAP/POP exports

October 2021

Version 4.4

Feature Updates

  • Added Rest protocol to searching SharePoint data stores
  • Added special handling for white space characters
  • Added Date Range to Auto-Label criteria
  • Added option to merge reports from separate searches 
  • Added ability to multi-mark to keywords view
  • Added hash validation of export files
  • Add 'File Properties' to Item Details
  • Wizard Criteria  enhancements (additional Recovery Items choices, pst password status) 
  • PreSearch Tool Snapshot enhancements (unique item count, password status, summary line, store details)
  • Overhaul Installer

Resolved Issues

  • Resolve EWS account list property issues
  • Resolve unable to export from PST root folder issue
  • Resolve issue with reporting left side proximity with  multiple terms
  • Resolve various formatting issues (sticky resize, display size, etc.)
  • Resolve issues with temp folders not cleaning up after task
  • Resolve various issues with PreSearch Tool (on-prem Dumpsters, timing, exceptions)

May 2021

Version 4.3, Service Pack 2

Feature Updates

  • Added Classification metadata field to file/attachment properties
  • Add list of Recoverable Folders to Logs
  • Add alternate property retrieval options for EWS
  • Add internet ID to PreSearch Tool deduplication
  • Add unique items to PreSearch Tool snapshot
  • Add Move Messages to PreSearch Tool PST export functions

Resolved Issues

  • Resolve keyword brackets reporting issue
  • Resolve various issues with PreSearch Tool snapshot

March  2021

Version 4.3, Service Pack 1

Feature Updates

  • Improve handling for EWS Audit folders
  • Updated PST SSF logic

Resolved Issues

  • Resolve NSF Size limit issues
  • Resolve EWS Archive Test button
  • Resolve EWS Embedded attachment issue
  • Resolve using 'NOT' as keyword with Proximity
  • Resolve MSG export issues
  • Resolve PreSearch Tool dedup popup error warning
  • Resolve Attachment merge issue
  • Resolve incorrect 'In Progress' Task Status
  • Added logic to address missing EWS properties

November 2020

Version 4.3 

Feature Updates

  • Add oAuth support for EWS
  • Add support for multiple EWS credentials
  • Add statistic collection for message class
  • Added EWS configuration options (including page size and other troubleshooting features)
  • Improve speed in rendering large views for Relationship statistics
  • Improve display of data stores for searches with large task lists
  • Improve Logging for EWS searches
  • Improve IMAP connectivity
  • Add checks for .Net 4.6 or above (now required)

Resolved Issues

  • Resolve issues with ‘Has Attachments’
  • Resolve issue with ‘AND NOT’ keyword display
  • Resolve EML Preview Pane HTML string issue
  • Resolve PreSearch Tool PST to Attachment crash on error
  • Resolve issue with SSF in older Exchange recoverable area

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