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Key Features

Discovery Attender is renowned for its ease of use and small footprint. An intuitive Search Wizard guides users through the creation of a search. Tasks are processed concurrently, allowing the program to handle complex criteria for multiple custodians on different platforms.

This application has a quick installation and straightforward search setup. It  includes an expansive feature set, unmatched for the price. Discovery Attender can automate searches across multiple data stores simultaneously to produce significant time savings. In addition, the flexibility of the search criteria combines with robust result options to answer the most challenging of requests. Searches can be customized by keywords (including wildcards, Boolean, proximity, Regular Expressions and more), addresses, dates, and sizes over many common file formats.

Once responsive data has been acquired, Discovery Attender provides a number of options for viewing, organizing, reporting, and exporting relevant items to a secure location for litigation holds or production. Other available features designed to streamline the discovery process include deduplication, search comparison, indexing, annotation, advanced filters, and MD-5 hashing.

Discovery Attender supports exporting items from their source locations to PST, NSF or native format for files (including .msg and .eml files for email messages). Custom naming and folder structure options are also available. In addition, exceptions such as password-protected or encrypted documents can be quickly identified and set aside for additional processing.

For every search, action, and export, Discovery Attender maintains a meticulous log detailing who searched what, where, when, and how. All actions are tracked to the individual result level. If the included reports or views don’t provide enough detail, the back-end databases are fully accessible with a detailed schema for customized reporting.

In addition to the inherent features of Discovery Attender, the product also includes a utility to help accomplish repetitive tasks and analyze data before launching a search. This PreSearch Tool allows users to perform deduplication, data conversion, and exports without running a long, involved search processes.

Discovery Attender runs as an application from a laptop, desktop, or server. Searches are multi-threaded to take advantage of multiple processors. For more powerful machines, it is possible to adjust the number of concurrent tasks to the user environment.

The non-intrusive architecture does not require plug-ins or client applications installed on mail or file servers. You only need the proper permissions, a copy of Outlook, and connectivity to the targeted data stores to begin your discovery.

Discovery Attender can find relevant information in many data stores, including messages, attachments, and files stored in:

  • Outlook PST Files
  • Microsoft Exchange data stores (on-premises and Microsoft 365)
  • Network file shares
  • SharePoint servers (on-premises and Microsoft 365)
  • Lotus Notes NSF files
  • MBOX email files
  • Loose email such as .msg or .eml files
  • And more…

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