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Automate Time Intensive Tasks

Searching through a high volume of electronic data could take thousands of hours to complete manually or with ineffective tools. With the help of Discovery Attender, you can meet short deadlines by accessing multiple locations concurrently to locate critical information. The extensive search criteria (including keywords, proximity, addresses, dates and more) will save time and make your search process more efficient.

Reduce Costs

Locating, recovering and processing information for legal discovery can be costly to an organization. Discovery Attender allows you to efficiently gather, search and filter data from PST files, Microsoft Exchange, NSF files and Sherpa archives as well as files stored in SharePoint and network file servers. This reduces expenses incurred in the search, review and processing of items by limiting production to relevant, responsive data.

Secure Potential Evidence

Once information is located, it must be kept in a safe and secure location to avoid spoliation. Any maltreatment of data could result in large fines or the exclusion of evidence. Discovery Attender allows you to export information to a central repository for safekeeping.

Mitigate Legal Liability

Electronic information such as email is commonly used as evidence in lawsuits and criminal cases. By auditing employee usage, you can proactively reduce the risk of claims and workplace lawsuits. Discovery Attender helps you organize the data by labeling, marking and annotating results. In addition, comprehensive reports are available to maintain the chain of custody, establish an audit trail and provide detail concerning responsive data sets.

Enforce Compliance

Email and other types of computer-generated information are critical to an organization. Rather than merely being reactive, Discovery Attender can be used to manage electronic data on an ongoing basis, enabling you to maintain control over content and protect against future liabilities.

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