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Release History

On the Release History page you can view releases that all users have created.

Follow the progress of your release with the 'Status' field. Your release could be in one of several states:

  • Pending – Release is sent out
  • Queued – Release is received and ready to be worked on
  • Processing – Release is being worked on
  • Processed with Errors – Release completed, some files succeeded some files may have errors
  • Processed with Warnings – Release completed, some files succeeded some files may have warnings
  • Error – Release completed, no files succeeded
  • Failed – Release could not be completed successfully
  • Processed – Release completed successfully with no warnings or errors.  

Viewing Release Details

  1. From the Releases page, identify the release and click the Ellipses button (...) > Details
  2. You can see details on the release, files, Drop Zone and Template associated with the release.


Deleting a Release

A release can be canceled if it is still in the "Pending" state. To cancel a release, simply delete it from the 'Release History' page.
To do this click Ellipses (...)> Delete and then confirm the deletion on the next page.  

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