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Drop Zones for Teams v1.0 Release Notes

Gimmal Drop Zones for Teams Release is Now Available!  Gimmal is pleased to announce the General Availability of Drop Zones for Teams release for Microsoft Teams with SharePoint Online!

Licensed administrators can download the software directly from the App Management section of their Gimmal Cloud - Drop Zones tenant.  

Please refer to Microsoft's documentation on uploading an app package to Microsoft Teams

Configuration and user documentation for Drop Zones is available online


Drop Zones App within Microsoft Teams

Gimmal Drop Zones is now available as a Microsoft Teams app!  Users can drag and drop files onto their favorite Drop Zones directly within Microsoft Teams. 

Favorites Tab

The Favorites tab displays a user's favorite Drop Zones.  Users can select favorite Drop Zones from within the Gimmal Cloud for them to appear in Microsoft Teams!

Releases Tab

The Releases tab displays a history of the user's content that was uploaded using a Gimmal Drop Zone.  Users can view their release, file, Drop Zone, and template details from Microsoft Teams! 

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