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Trend Reports

The Trend Reports offer a visual representation of the trends in the information collected over a period of time. Please note that the Trend Reports do not account for changes in the Analytics Data configuration; in other words, if the configuration was modified to include more data sources in a subsequent runs, the lack of data for those sources in prior runs is not normalized in the trend reports that are generated. And so the later runs with additional data sources will likely skew toward a higher number.

To view a report select its title or select the checkbox next to it, hover More, and select View Report.

Analysis Trend by Count

This report identifies trends in the number of items for which details have been collected from your environment over time. This chart also differentiates between file items and email items as well as indicating a combined count.

Analysis Trend by Duplicates

This chart trends the volume of duplicate data identified in your environment over time.

Analysis Trend by Size

This report identifies trends in the volume of data collected from your environment over time. The data displayed on the size trend chart identifies email and file details separately as well as a combined line indicating the total volume of data.

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