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The following table lists the terminology that is used within this documentation.




The services specific for a data source and executes on customer machines to connect a data source to the Discover service.


Service that is downloaded from Discover and runs on customer machines to deploy agents.

Data Owner

People or devices that own one or more Data Targets. For example, a specific Data Owner could own a laptop, an Exchange account, a OneDrive account, and a specific folder on a network file share.

Data Source

A data repository that contains electronic data, such as a laptop, Microsoft Exchange, or a file server.

Data Target

A specific location within a Data Source that contains electronic data, such as a file path, Exchange mailbox, or a SharePoint Library.


A collection of Data Owners that have something in common.


A tag that can be assigned to a discovered item, which can be used for reporting or passed on to Gimmal Records Management for use in classification.


Policies direct workflows when and where to execute.


A placeholder that when used during processing is replaced by a real time value.


A set of instructions that are executed by an agent on a data source.

Workflow Builder

An application downloaded from Discover that allows a workflow to be created or edited.

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