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The Classification results view provides an inventory list of all previously classified items. There are multiple actions that can be taken from one or more items.

  • Change Classification - Change the classification label of an item. Changes will need to be submitted in order for reclassification to begin.

  • Pending Classification Changes - Displays the items that are pending a classification change

  • Submit Classification Changes - Submit items that are pending a classification change

  • Remove Classification - Remove the classification label from the selected items

  • Pending Remove Classification - Displays the items that are pending a classification change.

  • Submit Remove Classification - Submit items that are pending a classification label removal

  • Delete Classification Result - If a data target is removed or inaccessible and no data was returned, Discover does not automatically delete the classified item, therefore this option can be used to remove those results.

  • Stop Change Classification Process - Stops the change classification process.

  • Stop Remove Classification Process - Stops the remove classification process.

There is a time lag between when a stop is initiated and a connector receives the stop and processes it. The results are sent back at that point, and the items that had already been changed/removed will be recorded in the database, and the ones that were not will remain in a pending state. The next time the Change/Remove Classification process is initiated, those items will be acted on.

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