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October 2021

Featured Update 

  • This release introduces a new Microsoft Graph Agent that may be used for searching and reporting on channels, messages, or file content in Microsoft Teams. Support for Teams content is available in both the eDiscovery and Data Governance modules. 

Administration Module Updates 

  • A new user configuration option allows administrators to require Single Sign-on (SSO) to be used to access the Discover web dashboard.  

    EWS data target searches may now be performed using either on-premises or Azure Active Directory groups 

  • Select Data Targets may now be marked as ‘Do Not Process’. Setting this status will exempt the data target from any Discover processing 

    When new Discover user accounts are created, they must be associated with a role. This release adds support for custom roles to supplement the pre-defined system roles. Currently, custom roles must be created by Gimmal, in a future release clients will be able to create and manage roles in the Discover dashboard. 

    New ‘test’ buttons have been added to validate basic authentication credentials for Sharepoint Online and OneDrive 

    Updated the connector/agent installation notifications to more accurately indicate the installation action 

eDiscovery Module Updates 

  • A new filter option is available when reviewing an eDiscovery search to show results only (excludes exceptions)  

    Email results may now be exported in PST, .MSG, or .EML format when performing an eDiscovery collection. 

    When building an eDiscovery search, a new option on the keyword criteria provides the ability to merge the header, subject, and body of emails when applying search criteria. 

    The Robocopy options used for forensically coping eDiscovery results are now configurable within Connector's settings 

Data Governance Module Updates 

  • Added the ability to email the No Data report which can be generated for targets that had no data matching the governance policy criteria 

    Added report view in the administration console to display policy reports which have items tagged with labels for subsequent processing 

    Added a report view to display policy reports which contain Data Owner information 

Workflow Editor Updates 

  • Added a new ‘Ignore’ option to the export message action in PST file workflows. This option instructs the workflow to ignore the export if a file with the same name already exists in the export location 

  • Added a new option ‘Evaluate Match Count’ option to the advanced test of file contents decision in file workflows. This option will control how many times a keyword term must identified in the file to be considered a ‘hit’.  

Classification Module Updates 

  • Added a new option to reset the last modification date of an item after it has had a classification label applied. 

Issues Resolved 

Issue Number 



Add support for managing multiple Access databases with a single OLEDB agent 


Resolved multiple issues in the View Keyword Results page 


Running policies against multiple data sources with Sampling enabled is generating an error in the process log 


Receiving a deserialization error when attempting to save changes to a Bain workflow 


Google Agent update to address a situation where token values were not resolving properly for GDrive content 


Options under the Action menu were in read-only mode when items are selected on the Classification Results page 


OneDrive agent workflows did not create folders when using a copy operation 


Prevent older versions of data owner reports from being opened in the User portal 


Reminder emails are being sent for older versions of the Owner Reports 


Connector Settings in the user interface doesn't save changes to the thread count for Box Agent 


Add missing eDiscovery search detail to eDiscovery Search Summary 


eDiscovery searches not returning hits for items that fail the sampling process 


An error was occurring when creating a Loop step in the Workflow Builder 

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