Featured Update 

  • This release introduces a new Discover Agent for the Apple Mac file system. This Agent may be used for searching and reporting on file-based content stored on Mac devices running OS X Monterey or Big Sur on either Intel or Apple M1 hardware. Mac content is supported in the Data Governance, Classification, and eDiscovery modules. 

Administration Module Updates 

  • A new user interface extends support of Discover's Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) by allowing administrators to define their own roles and the appropriate privileges that a role will provide.

  • Added a process to sync user's current Microsoft 365 mailbox Hold Status when Mailbox Legal Hold Management is enabled in Discover

  • Added support for separate Powershell credentials configuration to be used with Legal Hold management

  • Added oAuth support to the Connector to be used to query Azure AD Groups for member details

Workflow Updates

  • Introduced the new criteria -- Has Attachments -- to the EWS agent Fast Search options for Microsoft 365 mailboxes

Data Governance Module Updates 

  • Added an option to download a Data Governance report from the Reports list page, providing a way to download large reports

  • Modified the Data Governance report view to facilitate loading large reports in the dashboard

Issue #

Problem Resolved


Resolved an issue with Azure AD Group search results timing out by limiting results returned to 100 at a time in the EWS Agent


Labels on eDiscovery search results should not be modifiable after a collection is performed


 eDiscovery Collections: resolved an issue where exceptions were not being collected properly


The Last Modified Date on classified items are not being reset successfully in all situations for Windows files