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The classification process begins with creating labels to define the classification categories. Discover comes with the following pre-defined labels: private, public, confidential and no classification. You may choose to use one of the pre-defined label types or create your own.

Viewing Labels

The toolbar options for Labels are:

  • Common

    • Select All - Select all policies

    • Clear All - Clear selection of all policies

    • Reset Grid - Reset the view back to the default, such as all columns being viewable

    • Export to CSV - Export the list of policies to a CSV file

    • Refresh Grid - Reload the grid showing any changes

  • Action

    • Add - Add a new classification label

    • Edit - Edit the name of the selected label

    • Delete - Delete the selected labels

  • More - (See Result Count)

Result Count

Discover totals the results from the number of items it finds for each type of content. Those results are shown in the columns for each classification label.

  • Total - The total number of items classified with this label

  • Email - The total number of Emails classified with this label from both Exchange and Gmail data sources

  • File - The total number of files classified with this label, from sources such as File Servers and laptops.

  • Social - The total number of files classified with this label from collaboration sources, which is currently only SharePoint.


Selecting any of the counts will display a list of results for items that meet that criteria. This is essentially a filtered list of the items displayed on the Classification Results view.

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