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June 2023 Discover Maintenance Release

Feature Updates

Updated charting components in the Discover dashboard

Discover offers several areas where information may be presented in a graphical format. In this release, the components that generate those charts have been updated. This update includes the home page dashboards, Classification summaries, standard and trend Analytics reports, and eDiscovery result charts

Support for custom SharePoint properties

Clients may add custom SharePoint properties that they wish to examine in their Discover Dashboard. The following example shows the Connector tab on the Discover Settings page. In the section for Custom Data Source Properties, we’ve added a custom SharePoint property called Document Type.

Once the properties have been added, they can be synced to the Discover Workflow Editor by logging in, then opening the Session tab and selecting the option to Refresh Customer Features. This step will need to be repeated every time you add new Custom Data Source Properties in the Discover dashboard.

When creating SharePoint workflows, there is now a new decision available at the SharePoint Object level to evaluate a Custom Property

This example shows evaluating SharePoint objects to determine if they contain a custom property named Document Type that contains the value Accounting. Based on the presence of this property appropriate action may be taken on the SharePoint object.

An MSI version of the Connector setup for Windows

MSI installers can be helpful when distributing the Connector software using a deployment technology such as Microsoft SCCM.

When using the MSI installer package, it is designed to register the Connector software in the Windows Installed Apps list where it will be potentially visible to a desktop user.

Issues Addressed

Along with the features described above, a number of issues were resolved as detailed in the following table:

Issue Number



Added a setting to clean up pending files on a Connector device


Fixed an issue causing a 404 error when using shortcut links in a ‘move to SharePoint’ option


When removing an agent, change email notice to be more accurate


Fixed an issue preventing files without an extension from being included in an eDiscovery collection


Corrected a problem with SharePoint agent that was causing a ‘file type include’ to pull in older versions of MS Office files (i.e. doc when only docx requested)


Fixed an issue causing a 500 error when adding a user with an invalid user id


Update Gimmal Gear logo in dashboard


Preserve NTFS file permissions when moving a file


Fixed the multiple choice, multiple selection, and select list options for eDiscovery custodian questionnaires


Fixed the export report rows option on policy reports page


Removed .eml as an export option for Google eDiscovery collections


Fixed a problem where non-owned data targets were available when creating a policy unless the customer had eDiscovery


Fixed eDiscovery caching of OneDrive content


Properly return report values generated by a workflow (for example %path-total-size% and %path-size% tokens) when applying sub token formatting with decimals (i.e. %path-total-size.format(‘00.00’)%)


Require a value in the description field for a new automation


Cancelled Owner/Target searches were hanging the hub scheduler


Problems with large full-text sampling files not being returned for an eDiscovery search


XML manifest files were not being generated in the collection path when eDiscovery collections ran

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