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December 2023 Discover Maintenance Release

Issues Addressed

This release addresses several issues that have been reported in Gimmal Discover, the following table provides a recap of the full list:

Issue Number



Allow multiple users to be selected when setting status on Data Owner report


Database timeout issues were mistakenly reporting 'Customer subscription has expired' added significant retry logic to several database calls


Added additional logging to help identify any missing owner reports


Full text results were not being returned for eDiscovery or Data Gov reports in certain situaitons

89193, 89232, 88561,89562, 88563, 88557, 88542, 88225

Improvements and multiple bug fixes for Data Owner Reports


Updated Gimmal branding on the click through license agreement displayed for new clients


Updated the notification pop-up text that is displayed when clicking on an inactive module


Refined the selection process for non-owned file path targets


In eDiscovery, the search function for non-owned data targets has been updated. A limitation on string size was preventing partial matches of a PST name from returning results


Addressed an issue that was causing the message: “Your process was not completed successfully” to appear when exporting some reports to CSV


Dropbox Agent pre-release work: Add agent entries information to administration

 In addition to the items detailed above, several data center components have been updated to improve the performance of the hub services.

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