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Combining individual Standard Reports created through the Discover Analysis Reports, you can create one or more dashboards to more conveniently view the latest results of the data analysis. You may also choose a default dashboard that can be configured to be viewed on the Discover home page when you login. Dashboards you create are exclusive to your account; other Discover users in your organization will not have access to your dashboards.

The Dashboard page, accessed by selecting the Analysis module and then the Dashboard option on the left side navigation, will allow you to create a new dashboard, edit the reports displayed in an existing dashboard, delete a dashboard, and set the particular dashboard as your default Discover home page.

Add a New Dashboard

Hover the Action button, and select Add to create new dashboard.

Give the dashboard a name and check the Standard Reports you would like to add to the dashboard. Once saved, click on the dashboard in the dropdown list to the view the dashboard. The reports displayed will show the details from the most recent completed analysis of the data collected from your environment.

Edit/Delete Dashboard

Hover the Action button and select Edit or Delete.

Make Dashboard Home Screen

Select a dashboard from the list, hover the More button and select Make Home Screen to have the selected dashboard appear on your Discover home page when you login. You can only have one dashboard set as the default home page for your Discover login account.

Clearing dashboards from your home screen

To remove the dashboard from your dashboard and use the application default home page, select on the Settings button in the top right corner of Discover.

On the General tab, change the value of the Default Home Screen option to Default Dashboard.

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