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Analytics Configuration

Use the Configuration section of the Analytics module to setup the collection of the necessary information from the targeted data stores. The data collection process is executed in a distributed fashion by the Discover agents with access to each of the stores. The collected data is then transmitted to the Discover service in XML format where the data from all the data stores is consolidated and summarized and the reports generated.

The toolbar has the following options:

  • Action

    • Start Analysis - Begin collecting information from the data source

    • Stop Analysis - If Analytics is currently processing, this will stop the process

  • More

    • Execution Status - Displays the current status if Analytics is currently processing

There are three options on the configuration dialogue, General, Targets, and Analysis Schedule. Select the Edit button to change the configuration on any of the tabs.

  • General - Allows you to choose which data sources to run analytics on

  • Targets - Allows you to choose which data targets to run analytics on. You can select from devices, owners (members), or groups.

  • Analysis Schedule - Sets the schedule of when to run the analytics process

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